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Simplified and smart delivery of products across the world !

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Efficient and Social Delivery


 International Delivery via International Travelers


Making duty free delivery easy from different corners of the world!


The world is a small place, or they say. However, the day you have to send across something special for a loved one in a different part of the world or order something that you need from overseas, you realise how far stretched out we all are. That is where Delivit comes in to play. Thanks to our unique, simple, reliable and affordable free delivery option across the world, no one is far enough to be reached out to.

All you need to do is connect with one of our registered travelers who will personally deliver your product without you having to shell huge amounts of delivery charges. You can sign up as a requester or as a traveler who will help people across the world get access to commodities from any part of the world and be a part of our family.

Deliver it through Delivit and be rest assured that your product will be at your city in safe hands.


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User Friendly

Easy menu options will help you navigate through our app

Easily accessible

Order or deliver products with a swipe or click of a few buttons

Duty Free Shop

Save hundreds of dollars in custom duty when you order from Delivit

Win–Win situation

Whether you are a traveler or a buyer, the focus is on profitability of both parties involved.

Limitless Options

You can order any number of products from around the world without digging a hole in your pocket

Currency converter

Easy currency conversion for international buyers

Worldwide shipping

Now you can free shipping from across the world without having to pay the expensive shipping charges and taxes

Personal Delivery

Nothing is out of your reach now, as any product can be delivered by choosing the right traveler headed your way.

User Ratings

Safely rely on the past reviews of other user's deliveries


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